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David Hartmann Blog.

David Hartmann

David Hartmann

Lives in Bonn, Germany. Creates clean code and architecture. Indulges in philosophy and seeks recreation in running. Gets creative when cooking. Likes to travel and meet people from different cultures. Meditates daily. Fascinated by literature and marvels at the world out there.

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A journey

We are constantly learning, and we will never have learned.

Life is a journey that can be undertaken with curious humility, never knowing its destination. We always wonder what is about to happen, yet we strive to make plans for the rest of our lives. Does that make sense at all?

Different cultures have different views on life, on the significance of the moment and the emphasis on the future. The stereotypical Germans are meticulous about plans, and the stereotypical Mediterraneans are responsive to constant change. However, such stereotypes dissolve when broken down to an individual level. We life in a world that offers a myriad of unique opportunities, lessons and challenges. The believe in judgement of right or wrong, the categorization of things in relative and absolute is a human fallacy.

To be given the chance to learn, explore, travel, meet, contemplate and express oneself is wonderful. You are invited to share the experiences and insights in the blog.

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