David Hartmann

David Hartmann

Lives in Bonn, Germany. Creates clean code and architecture. Indulges in philosophy and seeks recreation in running. Gets creative when cooking. Likes to travel and meet people from different cultures. Meditates daily. Fascinated by literature and marvels at the world out there.



Early on

Born in 1985, his adventure in a world of never-ending surprises started in a town called Siegen in Germany. This town is built on a peculiar topology. Some say you cannot visit your neighbor without climbing a mountain. Housing around 100,000 citizens, Siegen is the place where David studied and started his first jobs.

Hello, Keyboard…

At the age of 16, after mastering an internship at an ERP manufacturer, David started a part-time job at that same company. Being a small yet powerful and international company, he decided to continue his career at this promising place. He chose a work-study program, making an apprenticeship in specialized computer sciences and studying Business Informatics at the same time. Being very passionate about clean code, extensible design and scalable architectures, David always also showed great interest in IT and business processes, and facing customers and their requirements. In his second stage of the career, David joined a Business Software Consultancy Company, which offered ERP solutions and invested in other business software, such as accounting, ECM, and IT service solutions. Being very ambitious, he took the opportunity to build and manage a new Service Operations Department based on ITIL.

Welcome to Bonn

2010 was the year to join roamworks, an international M2M IT Service Provider. The German office is located in Bonn. The main product is a hardware-agnostic, scalable and rapid-evolution M2M software solution called ROAM. Soon, he became the lead engineer for one of the largest customers Track 24. Projects included the SCC Platform, a situational command and control system combining modules of ROAM, several portable communication devices and a standalone .NET desktop application SCC Tactical allowing full operational control by using satellite based communications. See more in this video.

In 2012, David got promoted to a management position in the Software Development. Managing a team of more than 10 developers, multiple internal projects and the sophisticated demands of customers and the commercial departments is as challenging as it is exciting.  The opportunity to evolve management skills on a daily basis is great. Building upon the knowledge of more than ten years of Software Development and the experience in building the Service Operations department, being surrounded by experienced superiors and the ability to attend management training, David finds ideal conditions for making further career steps.

David is a certified PRINCE2 Practitioner as well as ITIL certified. He speaks and writes fluent German and English, has solid conversational skills in Spanish and knows basics of the French and Russian Languages.


Humanities in general, cultures and linguistics in particular, have always been of great interest to David. The cultural and geographic diversity makes ROAMWORKS an attractive working place, offering innumerable options to explore and improve inter-cultural skill sets.

David is a gourmet by all means. He enjoys cooking traditional German dishes and shows an increased interest in exploring the Spanish Cuisine, accompanied by international influences. Exploring the many excellent restaurants in Bonn and Cologne helps developing a more refined taste.

David engages in public speaking, gives professional seminars and hosts occasional meditation courses.

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