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.NET 2015

Open minded

When Microsoft announced the release of .NET as open source and also to make it cross-platform compatible, that was fantastic news for many software developers and IT people. For me it was a great day in (software development) history.

Laser Rifles, Penguins and Apples

It is a smart move from Microsoft. I find the combination of C# and .NET to be very productive and state of the art. If you look at the great article If Programming languages were weapons, you will see C# described as a “powerful laser rifle strapped to a donkey,” Soon you may hook your laser rifle to a penguin or an apple. If the donkey was your concern, those days will be over soon.

What’s new?

.NET 2015 consists of .NET 4.6 and .NET Core 5.0. Microsoft has decided to use .NET 2015 as the roof for the two different stacks of the future .NET environment.

.NET 4.6

We can say that the jump from 4.5.2 to 4.6 (labeled 4.5.3 as a preview version) indicates that the amount of changes is greater than that from 4.5 to 4.5.1 and 4.5.2. On the other hand, it is not a major release and spectacular innovations are not to be expected. Have a look at the .NET Framework Blog.


For C#6, we have a couple of boiler plate reducing new language features, which can be seen here: Unfortunately, as announced here, primary constructors and declaration expressions will not be in the final release. Have you tried Visual Studio 2015 with C#6 already? Download it from Microsoft.

.NET Core 5

.NET Core 5 is the name for the cross-platform stack of the .NET framework. This will contain a limited set of libraries which will run on Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android. As you can see by looking at the many supported platforms, you can already guess that Windows Forms and WPF support is not included. Instead, .NET Core 5 focuses on web and mobile development. At least for now, we do not know Microsoft’s exact plans.

.NET 2015 Chart

Holger Schwichtenberg has created a great chart which gives an overview of .NET 2015. I translated the few German titles into English:

Holger Schwichtenberg .NET 2015

Holger Schwichtenberg .NET 2015

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